We were planning for an 18th birthday


I was in a room with my cousin’s family.
My aunt talked about a lot of things
I didn’t really care.

Until she talked about talents and hobbies
“My nephew here can beatbox like a pro.”
“My son here can draw.”
“My other nephew here can dance.”
And this went on and on.

She then asked me, “What are you good at?”
That point I was angry, not because she kept bragging
But because I wasn’t good at anything.
“I’m good at computers.”

“Ahhh.” I could imagine her thinking how mediocre my reply was.
Or how mediocre my talent was.

I don’t blame her.
I’m mediocre.
Everyone is mediocre.
Just with a little pinch of perseverance.

Mediocre becomes greatness.

Painting by Irma Stern


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