I don’t know if any of you are really reading my blogs/poems or whatever you call it but starting today – well I thought of it yesterday but yeah – I’m going to stop making poems and start creating essays, paragraphed poetry, reports and whatnot.

I was a freshman in college last year and I totally felt that the whole “college experience” lacked something – purpose, probably. So for my second year in college, I’m not going to repeat that experience.

I decided to audition or try to join the publication staff for our college’s paper and basically train my writing skills here.Hopefully, everything is going to be fine and I get to join the crew. Don’t worry, I will always try my best to post blog-worthy posts, always. I’ll be reading a ton of news reports and etc. to get a feel of how or what my job is going to be.

So yeah, it’s me coming out of my shell of comfort, and I guess it’s time to fucking release this beast inside me.


Painting by Eve Riser Roberts


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