It was the birthday of my brother-in-law’s grandma – a typical “senior” party mobbed with old people, adults, and their grandchildren. The music was loud – it felt like it was banging the roof up – and it was accompanied by people karaoke-ing. The food though, was damn delicious, and the people, well, we didn’t really know anyone there. I’d continue to describe the scenario creatively but all of it didn’t matter, really.

As I finished getting food from the buffet, I sat down with my 2 siblings on a couch at the corner of the room. All the music, food, people, distractions, and everything seemed to disappear. I was in my own place of thinking. I was contemplating about my past transient relationships, my failures in my college tests, how my family is poor but still is surviving, and how shitty my life is.

But then, this autistic kid, and I don’t mean to offend him by calling him autistic, smiled at me. He smiled at me like everything was going to be fine, and the weird thing is, I didn’t realize I was staring at him for at least 5 minutes the whole time I was contemplating.


That made me ponder on the stupid idea – why do I keep on thinking about things that I cannot change and is already been done? Everything seemed to be distracting again. Everything seemed to matter.

All those thoughts made me realize that no matter how wonderful your situation might be right now, some ships are bound to crash.

But that kid made me realize that no matter how fucked up your life is, happiness will always find its way in.

The party continued, and so did I.


Painting by Joseph Christiana
GIF from Skins
GIF from The Amazing Spiderman Interview


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