I reckon not all of you are going to travel the world – and if ever you do, you might not even want to spend your time away from home in a normal urban third-world country neighborhood. So I’m here to share my hometown – the city of Mandaue in Cebu, Philippines.

In Philippines, cities are divided into barangays – these are villages, districts, wards, suburbs, or inner city neighborhood – and in Mandaue, I live in Barangay Tabok – a small neighborhood filled with electric posts, fast food chains, small businesses, and independent homes.

It’s not much but it’s my whole world, you know. My whole life (17 years) has happened in this little neighborhood. This is where I come home – from a busy day at school, from a world shattering heartbreak, from a normal sunny day, and from those ego-boosting achievements.

And I just wanted you to know that if you ever come to the Philippines, there’s nothing outstanding here, just memories made by different people. It’s probably identical to 50000000 more neighborhoods around the world.

Yeah it’s a small portion of the world, but for me, nah, it’s my whole world wrapped in a small mediocre place. 🙂


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