Some people would think I’m happy
That I’m always going to be that guy
whose eyes are gonna disappear when he smiles

But truly,
I don’t want to show anyone anything
not a single drop of my emotion

because i have this irrational fear
where I try to express something –
a feeling or an idea

and people might just shrug it off,
“nobody cares”,
“stop looking for sympathy”,
“you’re too emotional dude”

Yeah I’m the guy who always smiles at parties
the guy who had fun last night
the guy who seemed to fit in

But I’m also the guy who felt like shit during the party
the guy who went home alone last night
the guy who felt really isolated

I’m the guy with a shit ton of friends
but not a single one who cares way too deeply

Yes im the guy who’s emotional, way too emotional
I’m too full of emotions
that I feel way too empty inside.


Paintings from Pinterest


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