It was at the end of an eventful afternoon when I was walking alone on a bridge – with skies as dark blue as the deep sea yet still having that blue glow of sadness, and light posts as yellow as the morning sunrise as my backdrop on a stage named life –  that I saw, stars that shone so beautifully and happily that they can be very contagious and infecting, and stars that felt very bright and up close – like they were just of hands reach. They felt as if they were only shining for me, and for nobody else.


This was the late afternoon I realized that stars aren’t just bounded in the skies, they live and shine here on earth, too – living, breathing, and surviving to keep that light from disappearing

and to keep that light gleaming –
for others,
and for themselves.

So thank you stars, for twinkling tonight.

Photo from shutterstock
Feature by John Flores


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