All my life I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me about the things that I love, and I don’t know why people would always bounce on either the easy stuff or the boring ones. Like come on, be interestingggg, pleeease.

All my life, people has either asked me very invasive questions or those that are debate-worthy and I’m not even a debater, like daaamn dude, got no time for fighting over overrated stuff especially when other people has already proven its highlights.

Anywayyyy, I just want to remove it from my chest, and I’m gonna pretend you asked me the question below.
Hey, Carlo. Say, tell me anything you like, you love, tell me a list of things or the people you love.

“Well, I love a lot of things, and people, too, I guess.”

  • I reallly reallyyyy love shorts, not the neon colored ones though.
  • I love sweaters especially the comfy-silk-like texture + the scent of my favorite perfume hghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh best thing ever
  • I love dark chocolate + almonds = perfect comfort food
  • I love romantic comedies, combine it with anything – horror, thriller, scifi, or whatever, just say its a romcom, i’m gon cry about it.
  • I love being a hipster and a gypsy. The way they dance, think, care, style, well, is just bursting and uplifting.
  • I love orange-colored places/skies more importantly if I’m alone, but with other people is fine too.
  • You.


Painting by Arthur Morris
Feature by Philip Barlow


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