to my closest friend ever,
(and maybe yours, too)

I hate saying cheesy stuff and complimenting unnecessary and obvious facts about other people, so this will be a very rare piece.

you are the most sensitive person i know
to yourself and to other people
you’d sense if something was up
or if someone’s feeling down

you are the most gentle person i know
and the most aggressive, too.
from details to people
and from actions to achievements

you are the most generous person i know
like never have I seen someone
feel sympathy to every part
and every side of the community.

you are the smartest person i know,
although you believe the not,
from life experiences, advices, and web design,
you are.

you are the best-est friend i know,
and that I thank you.
for everything that you’ve done
and just for being you.
and for the free stuff, too 😉

And so, if you don’t appreciate yourself that much,
just know that we do.
because you really do.


Feature from pexels
Photo above from shutterstock

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