Love is kind. Love is not self-destructing. Love is not toxic. Love is genuine.

But love, can also not be love. Sometimes we justify its meaning because we are desperate for it. We tend to fabricate something obviously evil for the sake of having something to feel.

The thing is, and I’ve learned this from experience, it’s better to deprive yourself from love which you have no idea about – those kinds of love where you move towards a path with no source of light or guidance – than force yourself in a moment with a head full of ‘whatever and fuck it’.

Because the worst part of winging it, especially if it’s your first,  is that you will be left in torture. You will be left to force yourself that you were not in love. And as you keep saying that to yourself, no matter how hard you try, there will always be that moment when you hear a song, when you watch a specific part of a movie, or think of a quote, there will always be that moment where you will remember.

You will remember that you were hurt, you were not thinking, or that you were blind to think that “that” was love. You will remember that you were trashed, left, and broken.

And you will remember
that you still remember.

And that’s the worst part, you still, and will always remember something you do not want anymore.

But I guess that’s what makes it beautiful, love is smart. Love is hopeful. Love is healing. When you’re hurt, you learn from it. And when the first doesn’t work, you move forward. I guess that’s why they say your second love is the most beautiful one.

So, no matter what happens, know that love doesn’t stop the first time you try it. It stops when you stop letting it


Feature and Photo by Kobe Michael ->

P.S. I’ve played Andrew Ripp’s When You Fall in Love on repeat while writing this.


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