The only thing wrong about loving someone is being desperate for their love.

Yes, you were both in love or at least, you were. You would say that you had something going on or that you had something special and that to let go would mean losing something that has already been lost, something which you think is so important that your own dignity and morals would be over looked.

But why, think on this, would you degrade your own value for the sake of attachment and security? You deserve love. You have every right and privilege to be loved back. You have every capability to be worthy of love.

You are and should, and always, be loved – not because you begged, but because they actually, genuinely love you.


And if they don’t, they can go fuck themselves. Save yourself from the pain of walking miles, endlessly, for people who won’t even move an inch for you.


Photos by Kobe Michael


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