the new era (again)

Starting today, the 22nd of April 2017, this blog will be experiencing a re-branding – a change of what it was purposely made for, a redefinition of what it will become, and a total redirection of where it was supposed to go.

So avid fans, normal readers, bots, or whatever you are, be aware of the new changes. It will be a great one I promise. What change you ask? Stay tuned for the newest blogs coming to you one by one by one by one!

Be shookt, be lit, be turnt! Re-brand, re-new!

The new era (again) is about to begin.



desperation and its limits

The only thing wrong about loving someone is being desperate for their love.

Yes, you were both in love or at least, you were. You would say that you had something going on or that you had something special and that to let go would mean losing something that has already been lost, something which you think is so important that your own dignity and morals would be over looked.

But why, think on this, would you degrade your own value for the sake of attachment and security? You deserve love. You have every right and privilege to be loved back. You have every capability to be worthy of love.

You are and should, and always, be loved – not because you begged, but because they actually, genuinely love you.


And if they don’t, they can go fuck themselves. Save yourself from the pain of walking miles, endlessly, for people who won’t even move an inch for you.


Photos by Kobe Michael

when you fall in love. and out of it. and back again.

Love is kind. Love is not self-destructing. Love is not toxic. Love is genuine.

But love, can also not be love. Sometimes we justify its meaning because we are desperate for it. We tend to fabricate something obviously evil for the sake of having something to feel.

The thing is, and I’ve learned this from experience, it’s better to deprive yourself from love which you have no idea about – those kinds of love where you move towards a path with no source of light or guidance – than force yourself in a moment with a head full of ‘whatever and fuck it’.

Because the worst part of winging it, especially if it’s your first,  is that you will be left in torture. You will be left to force yourself that you were not in love. And as you keep saying that to yourself, no matter how hard you try, there will always be that moment when you hear a song, when you watch a specific part of a movie, or think of a quote, there will always be that moment where you will remember.

You will remember that you were hurt, you were not thinking, or that you were blind to think that “that” was love. You will remember that you were trashed, left, and broken.

And you will remember
that you still remember.

And that’s the worst part, you still, and will always remember something you do not want anymore.

But I guess that’s what makes it beautiful, love is smart. Love is hopeful. Love is healing. When you’re hurt, you learn from it. And when the first doesn’t work, you move forward. I guess that’s why they say your second love is the most beautiful one.

So, no matter what happens, know that love doesn’t stop the first time you try it. It stops when you stop letting it


Feature and Photo by Kobe Michael ->

P.S. I’ve played Andrew Ripp’s When You Fall in Love on repeat while writing this.

to my most mother-like friend

Well, this is a letter to my friend (and hopefully to yours, too? ) who’s like a real mother (duh, title) to me and my group of friends.

Hi, woman.
I’m gonna say this straight up.
I would’ve not surpassed the hardest part of college as of the moment without you.

Although you deserve much of a better intro than that but let’s take it back to the first few days of the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017.

I swear I was in an extremely scary situation where I was venturing forth a place so dark and unpredictable (our college course) where I’ve always felt that I couldn’t make it.

I was in a place where your mistakes mattered greatly especially towards the impact on your future.

I was in a great conflict with myself, a personal battlefield.

But you were there, with me, along with our group. You were there filling the holes in my programming background. You were there cheering me on, building me up, and never, ever, putting that weight of pressure down on me.

You see most people when I talk to them, I feel a sense of urgency to be perfect and faultless, scared of being belittled and underestimated. You, you’re not like that. I don’t know, you just make me feel like its okay to be wrong and you’re here to correct me in a way that it wont make me feel less of a knowledgeable person.

You were there when the school atmosphere felt like a marathon. You were there as an athlete with me, along all the people in college. But you, you were different. We were a team striving to get that gold medal, together – in our own little ways.

And although you haven’t reached the finish line, or you didn’t get the gold, and though you might feel that we’re ahead or you’re behind us, either way. (which you really shouldn’t)

Know that we’ll always be here,
waiting to give you that victory hug.

And before this letter ends, I thank you for everything.
I thank you for your unseen efforts, for your ungratified acts of love (although sometimes you’re a bully/moody), and for you.

I thank you for you.

Thanks, Hazel.
Keep running!

Feature by Kobe Michael ->
(great photographer)
Painting by Hyatt Moore


And as I was with her watching the sun rise
she became one with it
slowly pacing herself up to
lighten up the world.

but don’t be mistaken
she ain’t no hero
she’s the sadistic protagonist –
she brings forth darkness
but shines the fuck out of people.

she is my sun.
she will eventually disappear.
and I’m not yet ready for it – ever.




Feature by Kobe Michael
Painting from

to my closest friend, ever.

to my closest friend ever,
(and maybe yours, too)

I hate saying cheesy stuff and complimenting unnecessary and obvious facts about other people, so this will be a very rare piece.

you are the most sensitive person i know
to yourself and to other people
you’d sense if something was up
or if someone’s feeling down

you are the most gentle person i know
and the most aggressive, too.
from details to people
and from actions to achievements

you are the most generous person i know
like never have I seen someone
feel sympathy to every part
and every side of the community.

you are the smartest person i know,
although you believe the not,
from life experiences, advices, and web design,
you are.

you are the best-est friend i know,
and that I thank you.
for everything that you’ve done
and just for being you.
and for the free stuff, too 😉

And so, if you don’t appreciate yourself that much,
just know that we do.
because you really do.


Feature from pexels
Photo above from shutterstock

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people don’t ask facts?

All my life I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me about the things that I love, and I don’t know why people would always bounce on either the easy stuff or the boring ones. Like come on, be interestingggg, pleeease.

All my life, people has either asked me very invasive questions or those that are debate-worthy and I’m not even a debater, like daaamn dude, got no time for fighting over overrated stuff especially when other people has already proven its highlights.

Anywayyyy, I just want to remove it from my chest, and I’m gonna pretend you asked me the question below.
Hey, Carlo. Say, tell me anything you like, you love, tell me a list of things or the people you love.

“Well, I love a lot of things, and people, too, I guess.”

  • I reallly reallyyyy love shorts, not the neon colored ones though.
  • I love sweaters especially the comfy-silk-like texture + the scent of my favorite perfume hghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh best thing ever
  • I love dark chocolate + almonds = perfect comfort food
  • I love romantic comedies, combine it with anything – horror, thriller, scifi, or whatever, just say its a romcom, i’m gon cry about it.
  • I love being a hipster and a gypsy. The way they dance, think, care, style, well, is just bursting and uplifting.
  • I love orange-colored places/skies more importantly if I’m alone, but with other people is fine too.
  • You.


Painting by Arthur Morris
Feature by Philip Barlow