for my Kate McCallister,

I’m gonna say this straight up.
I would’ve not surpassed the hardest part of college as of the moment without you.

Although you deserve much of a better intro than that but let’s take it back to the first few days of the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017.

I swear I was in an extremely scary situation where I was venturing forth a place so dark and unpredictable (our college course) where I’ve always felt that I couldn’t make it.

I was in a place where your mistakes mattered greatly especially towards the impact on your future.

I was in a great conflict with myself, a personal battlefield.

But you were there, with me, along with our group. You were there filling the holes in my programming background. You were there cheering me on, building me up, and never, ever, putting that weight of pressure down on me.

You see most people when I talk to them, I feel a sense of urgency to be perfect and faultless, scared of being belittled and underestimated. You, you’re not like that. I don’t know, you just make me feel like its okay to be wrong and you’re here to correct me in a way that it wont make me feel less of a knowledgeable person.

You were there when the school atmosphere felt like a marathon. You were there as an athlete with me, along all the people in college. But you, you were different. We were a team striving to get that gold medal, together – in our own little ways.


And although you haven’t reached the finish line, or you didn’t get the gold, and though you might feel that we’re ahead or you’re behind us, either way. (which you really shouldn’t)

Know that we’ll always be here,
waiting to give you that victory hug.

And before this letter ends, I thank you for everything.
I thank you for your unseen efforts, for your ungratified acts of love (although sometimes you’re a bully/moody), and for you.

I thank you for you.
Thanks, Hazel.
Keep running!



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